From a caterpillar to a butterfly part 2 By Nicole De Coteau.

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

I thought I was dreaming, but then I woke up to the reality of being in jail hit me like a ton of bricks.

I couldn't phantom that I was now in jail with alcoholics, drug addicts, and thieves. I spent the next month there and in spite of my pain, fears and uncertainty, God began to use me in ways I couldn't comprehend. I began to tell these women about Jesus I remember them coming to me for answers I didn't have except Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. Understand I loved Jesus with all my heart but I didn't have a true relationship with him I wasn't grounded in the word but he used me. Women began to share there hurts and pain with me, their addictions, 99% of these women gave or rededicated there lives to God.

There was one woman in particular who woke me up in the wee hours of the morning, she wanted to give her life to God but she was angry with him, she was gang-raped and her daughter was molested.

She couldn't understand why God would allow this to happen to her, especially her 3-year-old innocent daughter. I spoke to this woman by the Holy Spirit cause I in myself didn't have the answers. She then cried as she released her pain and she gave her life to Christ. It's only now I understood that I had a great call on my life to impact women.

For the next few weeks, my lawyer and parents fought for me to remain in America but we ran out of options I had no choice but to return home to a country I left when I was 12 years old. To make matters worst my own family didn't want to keep my brother and me, its not that they didn't have the room for us, later on, I found out it was said they didn't want the embarrassment. My parents were wealthy and we lost everything now we had nothing, you see my parents helped so many people. They paid for people to go through medical school, they bought cars for some and paid rent for others but when they were in need no one wanted to help their children not even family.

My mom contacted her high school best friend to keep us, she was the only one who said yes.

So the day came when suddenly we were awakened in the wee hours of the morning while everyone was asleep. They carried us to change our clothes gave us our bags, handcuffed us, and put us in a van with other people. After driving for a while we stopped and the doors opened, we recognized we were at the airport. We never got to say bye to our parents or friends. There was this woman immigration officer I will never forget said to us I am going to take off your handcuffs but promise me you won't run, you have been through so much already I can't let you walk through the airport like this your only kids. Listen to me God knew what he was doing cause i couldn't take any more shame, I felt such a release after those handcuffs were off. At this point we had to wait till all the other passengers were seated on the plane before we could be seated.

Finally the time had come for us to leave all that we knew. They walked us to our plane wished us all the best and sat us to the very back of the plane. As I sat there I was so relieved but sacred at the same time, I had to be strong for my little brother. We have never been away from our parents we had to face the unknown alone. What was going to happen next only God knew.