Self Care Sunday

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

What is self-care? Just like me, I am sure you have heard thousands of explanations on this topic. Some say it's selfish while others think it's ok to be just for a day or two. So here is my take on this topic, I think self-care is needed at least once a week for every woman. Taking that time to breath, having mental breaks away from all forms of noise and pampering yourself will make you a better you and a better you for others. So here are some of my tips below.

Tip 1 : With all that is happening around us and the day to day noise of family, your job , television, and even social media. It' so important to just turn everything off and find some quiet time so you can think clearly and also be able to hear the voice of God. Remember God is always speaking to us but are we positioning ourselves to hear his voice. Hearing the voice of God clearly prevents us from doing things and making decisions that would add stress or disappointment to our lives. The second part of this would be removing yourself from everything that is bad for your mental health. For example, who are you surrounded by, If I were to look at your feeds on social media are those you follow post contributing to your mental state, or do you cringe every time you scroll. The same way your body needs a detox every now and again its the same way you need to detox your mind and the things you listen to as well as the things you look at. Daughter of God please note this too is self-care.

Tip 2: let's talk journaling. Journaling has been a great help for me because my mind is always going, whether it's because of all the ideas constantly flows through my mind or making sure my family is well-taking care of, I'm always thinking of how I can become a better wife, mother,friend and businesswoman. I have learned that journaling has become therapeutic for me. Being able to just clear all the clutter from your mind by writing them on a paper or your favorite notebook so that you can now create space for new revelation and direction from God. Take the time to write your vision down, how do you see yourself in the future, whats your next move. What steps do you need to take to accomplish your goals.

Tip 3: Soaking in God's presence. I cannot stress how important soaking as a child of God is. So what is soaking?. Soaking is simply putting on your favorite worship song or worship instrumental fixing your eyes on Jesus and just allow his presence to love on you. You don't need to say a word, you can lay prostrate or sit in your favorite place and this is a time where the Holy Spirit comes in and refreshes you, he strengthens you, he affirms you of the Father's love for you and he reveals who you are in that place of surrender. Where there is fear soaking replace it with love and confidence in our Heavenly father. In this space you become a better individual all around.

Tip 4: Finally!

Did you think I wasn't going to add self-pampering to this list?

This is also important and here's why. Whether it's at home facials, going to your favorite spa, or taking care of your skin and body, self pampering helps you feel better and you also look better. When your skin is glowing you feel confident when you feel confident you can take on anything.