What does knowing your Identity mean

Here are two definitions of Identity according to Wikipedia and Merriam-webster dictionary

  1. The qualities, the personalities, beliefs, looks, and or expressions that make a person or group.

  2. The distinguishing character or personality of an individual. The relation established by psychological identification.

So the question is should we stop there?

Our Identity is formed over a period of our lives through, culture, media, family, relationships, and life experiences. Before we come to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we look to the things that we have, our accomplishments, our education, the positions on our Jobs, our homes, our cars, our spouses the list can go on and on of the things that we cling to define our identity. But my question is what happens when these things may be taken from you suddenly. Where does your Identity now lie?

Some of us become shaken because our foundation was built on things or a person that could not sustain us. We become confused, uncertain of who we really are. We now try to fill the void of not-knowing our Identity in things or performance. When our identity is not in God we become unstable. Every time a situation happens we switch with every storm that arises, this is because our foundation is not solid.

So what does it mean to have an identity in Christ?

Our first thought should be that we are loved by Christ and not by works.

Galatians 2:20

I have been crucified with Christ it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me, and the life I now live in the flesh I live in the Son of God, who loved me and gave his life for me

Our Identity comes from Christ, from that moment we have excepted Jesus into our hearts our old self has been passed away and our new self now lives in Christ according to the scripture above, we have been crucified with Christ, and our Identity is established in him. There is nothing we can do to prove or gain his love or acceptance.

When we go through things in our lives we should not be moved in our identity because the foundation and the understanding of our identity come from God. However, there is a fight between what we have experienced and learned over the years that is completely the opposite of what God's word says toward us. So we have to allow the Holy Spirit to go deep and uproot every lie, every false identity of ourselves and replace it with the word of God. It is up to us to now meditate on what God's word says concerning us.

Understanding our identity in God causes us to be stable and not change who we are based on the opinions of others. We can now live confidently knowing God loves us and we don't have to accomplish any works to receive God's love.

If we do not receive God's love we will be striving to earn love to achieve something to be considered as something. Our goal should be doing things out of a place of love than doing things to receive love.

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