From a caterpillar to a butterfly part 3 by Nicole De Coteau.

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

We finally reached our destination. I was so terrified I had no idea what to expect. Where my life was going from here only God knew. The next couple of years were the most difficult times of my life but its what God used to process me and make me into the woman i am today. During my time back in my country, I moved about 13 times within a 15 year period. My family was laughed at and by people, my parents called friends and brothers and sisters in Christ. I had to live with random strangers at a certain point because my brother and I got separated. We were in this position because our blood family rejected us. During this time period, my brother got diagnosed with schizophrenia, it was like he was good one day, and the next day a different person. This broke my heart it was all too much and I had to deal with so much all once.

Nevertheless in the midst of all the pain and heartache i learned to cry out to God. I got baptized by water this time with my heart totally involved and I also got baptized by the Holy Spirit.

I began to run after God with everything I had because I was literally in a place where I had no choice. The plan of the enemy was for me to lose my mind and trust me I was close. In my wilderness period, I learned how to fight, how to war for my future, my purpose, and destiny. As I began to position myself in God's house I began to receive many prophetic words over my life like God has called me his battle-ax, I am a prophetic intercessor, I am a psalmist who will preach and deliver women aka the woman deliverer. God had to deliver me from me, from addictions and low self-esteem, he thought me how to fight and overcome. If you met me a couple of years ago, you would have met an angry, broken, wounded, offensive young woman, who trusted no one especially women. I could have never been in the place that I am now walking in my purpose if I didn't allow God to process me if I didn't let go and say yes.

Some statistic shows that most people who get deported usually end up vagrants or mentally unstable. But by the grace of God, I am here and in my right mind. I have been married to my best friend for 7 years and we have a beautiful 3-year-old daughter. I am an entrepreneur who is walking in the call of God. I now use my life to be a light to other women, sis, if I can go through all this and still be here so, can you. And not only be here but walk in God's call for my life. Am I finished being processed? of course not do I still have issues? girl yes I do so does everyone but what I am determined to do is not let my past dictate my future. Your pain is your platform once used correctly.

Whoever reads this blog I want you to know you can make it, You are stronger than you think. God is causing everything he placed inside of you to come forth like refined gold. Remember this whatever you are called to do you will always be tested in that area. How can you take people where you have never been, how can you have compassion for the broken if you have never been broken how can you deliver others if you have never experienced your own deliverance.

Say yes to him today its the only way you can truly break free and become the beautiful butterfly you were meant to be.