Finish Strong!

Hey Sis, so we have reached the last lap of 2020. Did you think you would have made it thus far?. Honestly, I had moments when I had to check my thoughts because everything seemed to be happening one after the other. But if we take a close look at all we have come through this year, God has done some great things in our lives. A lot of you have launched out and tried new things that you probably would have never before.

I know that many of you may have experienced much heartache, disappointment, and confusion. Despite everything, God was preparing each one of his kids for something greater. This morning I want to encourage you to Finish Strong. One of the plans of the enemy for the end of this year has been to distract God's children from what is truly important.

Remain in his presence, do not allow what you see to pull you from that secret place with the Holy Spirit. We need to have clarity and be able to hear the instructions of what God requires of us and where he desires to take us in this coming year of 2021. You are a warrior;' you have to fight for your destiny. Use your mouth and prophesy into your destiny, your future. Declare God's words over your life and family. Where you lost faith this year, I pray that God restores your faith in him and helps your unbelief. I pray that you push past every feeling of disappointment and weariness. God will come through in ways you can't even imagine; remain steadfast and faithful. Remember prayer is your lifeline, so don't hang up stay connected.