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Small Strokes
Butterflies Fellowship
November 6th 2020 7.30 pm
Hey guys I am so excited about our first fellowship this Friday even though its online were gona have a blast.
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About Us

Our transformation in the hands of God.

Daddy's Little Butterflies was birthed during a very rough period in my life where I suddenly lost everything and had to build my life from the ground up. I learned how to worship and pray because its what kept me sain. One night after spending time with the Father 2 white butterflies appeared in my room flying around me and I heard a small voice inside me say Daddy's Little Butterflies. The lord at that moment showed me that my life was like the process of the butterfly(metamorphosis )and that I wasn't alone and there are others like me. In that stage, I learned how to fight for my life, my sanity. During this process, I realized how deeply wounded and traumatized I was. My goal since then has been to be made whole by the Father. Running after your purpose is great but if you are wounded you will never be effective. My heart is to be authentic with my readers about my journey of how I overcame and am overcoming different battles in my life. I pray that this blog would be a source of strength and bring inner healing to every reader in some way if I can overcome what was meant to destroy me so can you. Through this blog, you will hear of other butterflies and their stories. Always remember you are not alone and you should never be ashamed of your testimony.